Networking & Wireless Networks – Domestic & Commercial Installations

one degree west are Network Cabling Installations Specialists and have been installing wired and wireless networks both domestically and commercially for a number of years. We all know that technology is constantly evolving. So if you’re looking at setting up a network of any kind it’s important to ensure your data cables are designed and installed so that they can be incorporated and extended in line with your future needs. That’s why we are always striving to keep up with the latest technology. It ensures that we can cater for any networking needs you may have. So whether you’re looking to crate a simple home network, looking to create a public hot spot or run a secure network for your business, one degree west have the expertise and technology to get you up and running quickly, securely and with the minimum of cost.

Our networking services include:

  • Home Wired Ethernet Installations
  • Wireless Networks
  • Access Points
  • Cat5 & Cat6 Data Installations

We use high quality components and equipment for our networking systems, predominantly from Ubiquiti Networks. Ask us for more information.

Home Wired Ethernet Network

Home networking has become more and more popular, especially since the beginning of the pandemic when more and more people started working from home. Sharing many devices over Wi-Fi does not necessarily provide a reliable and fast enough connection to conduct online meetings.  Having a hard wired ethernet cable connected to your device (via a router) will provide a much faster and consistent connection. This will allow you to conduct online meetings without screen freeze or audio distortion. Or high speed online gaming where consistent, smooth streaming is vital.

Network Cabling Installation Specialists

Wireless Networks

Our high performance wireless network installations are suitable for all environments, including resdential homes, offices, schools and commercial/industrial premises. Our experience and knowledge enable us to survey and deploy effective, secure wireless networks wherever you need them.

We can also install Wi-Fi access points, both internally and externally, providing directional coverage across large areas.

For more information on our services as Network Cabling Installations Specialists or details on any of the services we offer please contact us on 0800 0434 033 or email us at