What is DAB - Digital Radio?

Simply, it's a better way of listening to radio – it brings you a new level in sound quality and whole lot of new benefits.

With DAB digital radio you can listen to national commercial stations, BBC national stations and a whole range of other local stations. Some of them are old analogue favourites, others are brand new stations created for DAB. Either way, you'll enjoy a diverse mixture of listening, including stations dedicated to classic rock, spoken word entertainment, latest chart hits, and other stations to suit your mood.

You can say goodbye to hiss and crackle, DAB digital radio brings you much less interference and a huge increase in sound quality for AM stations.

Also gone is the need to remember frequency numbers, a DAB digital radio displays the stations by name. Digital radios have screens showing you more information about what you're listening to. Whether you're looking for the title and artist of the song, the news headlines, or the latest sports results, check the screen to see if it's there.

Click here to visit www.ukdigitalradio.com to check the signal in your area.


DAB - Digital Radio Aerial Installations

One Degree West stock a full range of radio aerials for both analogue and digital radio services. Please remember that an FM radio aerials will not work for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB).

We can supply and install both types and we can recommend what aerial you will need to achieve perfect and reliable reception in your area. We can usually tell you what you will need over the phone.

All our aerial installations come with a 1 year guarantee. The cost of having an aerial supplied and installed is a little over £100. If you have poor radio reception this could be due to one of several reasons. Either you may have a fault somewhere in your aerial installation - possibly corrosion in the aerial or cable or you may live in an area where radio signals are weak. If this is the case we can remedy the problem by using a high gain aerial or a taller mast.

Listed below are the four types of aerial we install.

  • FM Omni
  • FM 4 Element
  • DAB Dipole (Omni)
  • DAB 4 Element

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