One degree west offers a wide range of European satellite installation packages as well as repairs to all types of European systems, From the basic fixed dish installation to a fully motorised dish installation. If you would like us to, we can install your own equipment however we do prefer to supply and install our own, which can be done at very competitive prices.

Some fixed and motorised installations systems may require a site visit, please call 0800 043 4033 or go to our contact us page to make an appointment.

By installing a fixed or motorised satellite system to receive broadcasts from a number of transmitting satellites, the viewer is able to receive an alternative range of European programs to the conventional 'Sky' channels.

Although a subscription and viewing card is required for many channels, there are numerous 'Free To Air' channels available. This is a one-off choice ideal for families, teaching purposes and home users who want to watch programmes in a foreign language and keep the price down.

Channels marked encrypted/scrambled are available to subscribers only. Channels like these will require specific viewing cards and other hardware, which will be needed on top of your basic installation

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