Commercial & Communal Digital TV Aerial Systems

One degree west are experienced installers of commercial & communal digital television systems. We have designed, installed and maintained a wide range of commercial TV systems into hospitals, care homes, hotels, schools, communal dwellings, housing association projects, offices and many more. To back this up we are CAI Plus members for communal systems, government Trust Mark scheme members, RDI registered installers, NVQ qualified, comprehensively insured and regularly inspected by industry governing bodies to ensure compliance of installation and health & safety standards. Our systems include:

IRS – An integrated reception system or IRS offers flexibility for the user to choose how they view digital TV. An IRS system combines terrestrial aerial signals with satellite, as well as FM & DAB radio signals, leaving the end user free to decide exactly how they receive their digital television. The end user can choose to connect their integrated digital TV or set top box to the outlet plate in order to receive free to view digital TV or they may also choose to connect to a satellite receiver and subscribe to service’s such as Sky Q. The system would operate as if the receivers were connected directly to their own aerial or satellite dish, so the end user needs no special equipment.

MATV – Master antenna Television or MATV systems differ from IRS as they only offer Freeview™ and DAB/FM Radio services. When offering the end user the choice of satellite TV is not a prime objective this can result in a cost saving for the developer. This type of system also covers signal reception for subscription services such as BT TV, EE TV, Talk Talk TV and Now TV.

SMATV – Satellite Master Antenna Television or SMATV systems are often used in environments where the number and type of channels available need to be controlled, for example in care homes, hospitals and hotels. A head-end unit is installed to receive the required channels from a digital aerial, satellite dish or both. The head-end processes the signals into the pre-selected range of channels and distributes them to each TV point. Guests can then access the channels independently of each other. This type of installation can also include local sources such as information or advertising channels.

For larger sites, a cabled backbone is used to extend the star wire configuration.

Star-wired systems have fewer connections between each outlet and the system electronics than other system configurations and are typically more reliable and easier to maintain than systems built to older designs.

When planning a large scale commercial installation, planning the project is the key to success. RF digital has years of experience and knows the most efficient ways of developing multi-point aerial installations.

Networks throughout the system are integral, planning cable routes, containment, outlet locations, slave outlets, outlet types and in house networks. The location of the Antennae also requires great planning with both technical and mechanical requirements, safe access for installation and maintenance and the general aesthetics.



Fibre optic cabling is becoming more and more prevalent within the IT and telecoms world. This is why, in addition to copper cabling, we also offer fibre optic cabling design, installation and testing solutions for backbone or long cabling requirements in excess of 100 metres.

Whether its a damaged Optical fibre or a new Fibre Optic installation requirement we are here to help.

Fibre Optics has become a far less expensive media with the materials being cheaper, far more rugged and installation friendly along with the methodology of termination easier and cheaper, its a serious budget consideration compared to copper when high speed, distances exceeding 90 metres, with high speed connections required.

We have in house expertise to Design, Test and Install a multitude of fibre infrastructures utilising both single and multimode Fibre Optics, with all installations tested using the latest of test equipment available within the industry, guaranteeing the quality, reliability and robustness of every installation.

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